Vote on April 3, 2018

I am asking for your support and your vote on April 3rd.

In Appleton, vote at Mt. Olive Lutheran Church, 930 E. Florida Avenue.

In Grand Chute, vote at Town Center Park Community Building, 1850 W. Grand Chute Blvd. (Behind Grand Chute Town Hall)


Don’t just take my word… Here are some quotes from business associates, students, friends, and others who know me well:

“I’m Mike Eserkaln, owner of ComedyCity – De Pere, WI, Garth Zimmerman has worked with my improvisational troupe as a performer for almost a decade and continues to impress with his willingness to learn, grow, and work together with his fellow performers. He has been endlessly enthusiastic in all roles he’s taken on; a mentor and student, a leader and team player, performer and host. Garth has a natural ability to engage audiences with enthusiasm and excitement, and has a way of connecting with everyone.”
– Mike Eserkaln, Owner, ComedCity improv troupe

“Mr. Garth Zimmermann will always be one of my favorite teachers. Not only did he teach me to do my very best in everything I do, but he made me want to pursue a career in teaching and continue in musical theater performance thought my high school years. I will never forget how much of an impact he has had on my life and how much more determined and dedicated I am in life now due to him.”
– Madie Lambert, Senior, Appleton West High School

“My family has benefitted from Garth Zimmermann’s teaching and mentoring over the course of the 4 years he was their teacher at Houdini Elementary
School. Not only did he encourage them to be their best in the classroom, but also in extracurricular activities which include an after school improvisational group, as well as forensics.

During class and through these activities my children and others learned how to perform, speak publicly, trust their instincts, and be confident and comfortable in front of their peers as well as the general population.

Garth went above and beyond what was expected to help his students become well-rounded people in and out of the classroom and they all had fun in
the process!”
– Donna Pauling, Parent, Appleton West High and Einstein Middle School

Dear Citizens of Outagamie County’s District 20:

Please allow this communication to serve as a strong letter of reassurance about candidate for county supervisor, Garth Zimmermann. Garth has exemplified all those traits that make up an individual worthy of serving on this board. Some background about Garth: He is a retired school teacher of middle school aged students from the Appleton Area School District. As a colleague, he was instrumental in establishing a strong foundation for our school’s philosophy that all children can and will learn. His belief and his commitment to “we” is stronger than “I” was consistently evident. “Can’t” was never a word in Garth’s vocabulary. For example, Garth was notorious for taking a unit of instruction that on the surface may have seemed to be too sophisticated for his sixth grade learners; Garth would rework the material and differentiate the delivery to meet all learners’ needs. Mr. Zimmermann continues to make a difference as a substitute teacher and forensics coach and judge.

Garth is a team player and problem solver. This was evident in how he would get involved up to his elbows in school and district causes. It was not uncommon to hear about another way to look at a challenge in order to unveil a path toward solution. He’d work tirelessly with parents, his team, or staff to create a better situation for everyone.

Everything Garth elects to do is done with passion and care. Whether it be getting a musical off the ground that is double casted or recruiting all walks of life into his forensics’ program, Garth was there for others and providing opportunities for our community’s young people. Young people who never thought they had it in them, were empowered and moved forward stronger and more confident.

Another aspect that stands out with Garth is his drive to continue to grow and improve as a person. When Garth witnesses or learns of a better way of doing something, he is relentless in his pursuing more knowledge and information regarding the topic. Whether it be learning more from his colleagues, taking classes or using action research, Garth will learn as much as he can to be more effective.

Garth is respected and admired by former students, families and colleagues because of his consistent positive demeanor, his sense of humor, respect and care for others and strong work ethic. He approaches everything with the mindset that it is a great day to be alive.

He possesses the many qualities which make up a fine and easy to approach human being — and he loves every minute of it! Mr. Zimmermann would be an exemplary candidate for District 20’s Outagamie Supervisor position. Working with Garth was a gift, he continues to be a fine person, and is a treasured friend.


Tony Martin
8th Grade Science Teacher
Wilson Middle School

Authorized and Paid for
by Citizens for Garth Zimmermann... aka Go Garth Go! - Greg Ubbelohde, Treasurer